Whitecaps Tailgate Menu Set

Leading up to the home opener I posted my philosophy of themed tailgates whereby we "cook the competition." Generally that means looking for some food that is traditional to represent the opposing team. In researching the cuisine of Vancouver, BC, I really couldn't come up with any one good grilling dish that seems to be most associated with the West Coast of Canada. But from several online guides it talked about the seafood and the fact that there is a large Asian population, and that gave me an idea to mull over with my tailgate group Friday night as we watched the game from Houston.

I concocted a plan that soon had most members of our group eagerly anticipating next weekend, except for one, and we quickly created an alternate dish that would appeal to his taste sensibilities. To take advantage of the Asian influence on the menu we start with stir-fry vegetables. Much like the first week's menu, these veggies will be lightly cooked ahead of time and wrapped in foil packets, which will then be tossed onto the grill to be heated along side the main dish. This week, I am also going to add a bed of rice and then roll up the veggies in that, making it almost but not quite a vegetable sushi-style side dish for the main dish. Soy sauce and Teriyaki sauce will be available if anyone wants to add these to the veggies.

The main dish this week is salmon filet. As we did with the New York Strip steak in the first match, we will be grilling the salmon, but this time we will be coating it in a ginger-teriyaki finishing sauce as it grills. I remarked before that one of our tailgate group was not a fan of the dish, and that's because he turns his nose up at anything that is seafood. I'm not sure why, and I really don't care since that means there will be more of the super tasty salmon for me to eat!  I just ate dinner about an hour before sitting down to write this and it's already making me hungry. But for our fish-phobic friend we are providing an alternative: chicken breast. We will grill the chicken as well and use the same ginger-teriyaki finishing sauce for the chicken.

Aside from that one of our buddies will probably also swing by the Hour Glass Brewery in Longwood and pick up a growler or two of one of their great local craft beers.

So that's our tailgate menu. What about yours? What culinary creations will you be making for the second home match of the season?