PHI vs. OCSC: Previews and Predictions

Well the season is winding down and I'm pretty sure we have seen the last of some players for Orlando City this season and the lineup that Jason Kreis will put into pre-season matches next February will be very different from the lineup on the web site today.

In fact during the offseason we will be bringing you several different ideas on which players we think should be on the "protected" roster ahead of the December expansion draft. Today's previews and predictions post is going to be a little different.

Players to Watch

I honestly have no idea who Jason Kreis will put in the 18-man roster for Sunday. I don't even know if the philosophy will be to put the lineup out there that will give the team the best chance of winning on the day, or whether he will play the guys that he wants to see in game action to determine if he wants to bring them back next year. He might even play the guys that he knows he is going to cut in order to give them some video time for the purposes of other teams that may want to consider them after they are released from an Orlando City contract at the end of the season.


The Philadelphia Union are very tough to beat at home. Orlando City has lost both times we have played in Philly during 2015 and 2016. And the other two times the teams have met at the Citrus Bowl/Camping World Stadium, the matches have ended in draws. I'm not expecting Orlando City to win tomorrow--after all, if playing to reach the playoffs couldn't motivate these players to strive for wins, then certainly they don't care enough about their employment for that to make a difference. I'm predicting a 2 - 0 victory for the home side tomorrow in Philadelphia.

What about you? Do you think Orlando City will break with recent form and actually get a win? Do you think we will see most of Orlando City's stars in the final couple of matches, or do you think Jason Kreis will use this "garbage time" of the season to tinker with the lineup in an effort to determine which players he will keep during the off-season.