Some of our Favorite Links

On this page you'll find some of our favorite links to other great content related to the hobby of RPGs, running your games, and great streams to watch.

Tabletop (RP) Game News and Resources

Official D&D Homepage - Wizards of the Coast’s official page for the granddaddy of all Tabletop RPGs

Official Pathfinder Homepage - Paizo Publishing’s main page for their Pathfinder Fantasy RPG

Tabletop Bellhop - Moe does a great job talking about and linking to all kinds of tabletop games (not just RPGs)

Magic: The Gathering - The CCG from Wizards of the Coast that launched an entire industry

Favorite Streaming Games and Networks

Critical Hit - The first actual play D&D game I subscribed to, and an inspiration for my own games and this site

There Will Be Dungeons - A Mad Max style game world with D&D 5e rules

The RPG Academy - “If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.” Wise words from these creators

The Adventure Zone - Two brothers and their dad have been running a unique long-term D&D game on this show

The Frogpants Network - Brainchild of cartoonist Scott Johnson, this is a hub of great entertainment and gaming podcasts

Major Spoilers - This network features shows about games and pop culture

Are there more links you'd love to see me add to this page? Contact me and let me know!