2015 in Review Day 4 of 40: Worst Disappointment

There are 40 days between the first day of the 2015 MLS playoffs on October 28 and the MLS championship on December 6. Orlando City may not be in the playoffs this year, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the year that was 2015 and the highs and lows. In addition, I'll be including my evaluation of each player from the first team roster.

Day Four: Most Disappointing Moment of the Season

There were lots of thrilling moments in 2015, but there were plenty of disappointing ones. I think it would be hard to find one that would be worse than May 2, 2015, when the turf monster rose up and took down Kevin Molino during an International Friendly, ending his season.

Before the 2015 season, expert analysts around the MLS and within their broadcast partners were thinking Kevin Molino might become the 2015 MLS Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately the turf in the Citrus Bowl had other ideas, and he didn't even get to play two months with the team before his season was over due to injury.

With every disappointment there comes opportunity, and who knows--if Kevin Molino had remained healthy, it might be that a new rookie scoring record may not have been set by one of the lads in purple. But I'll talk more about that later.

What was your most disappointing moment of the season? Do you agree it was Molino's injury, or did some other point in the season seem like the biggest disappointment to you?