2015 in Review Day 11 of 40: Darwin Ceren

There are 40 days between the first day of the 2015 MLS playoffs on October 28 and the MLS championship on December 6. Orlando City may not be in the playoffs this year, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the year that was 2015 and the highs and lows. In addition, I'll be including my evaluation of each player from the first team roster.

Day 11: Darwin Ceren 2015 in Review

Over the next few days, I'll review the season statistics for each player on the 2015 Orlando City first team. We'll look at some key metrics, key moments, and my expectations for 2016. These posts are in alphabetical order, so next up is Darwin Ceren.

Darwin Ceren headshot (c) MLS.com; MLS.com retains all copyright to this image.
Games Played26Shots29
Games Started25Shots on Goal7
Minutes2254Yellow Cards6
Assists2Red Cards0

2015 Summary: Darwin Ceren seems young, but he's an experienced international player, and he is captain of the El Salvador national team. His international duties were responsible for him missing a number of matches during the year, as El Salvador participated in a number of tournament matches and tournament qualifying matches, as well as a few International friendly matches throughout the year.

Ceren provided a great deal of energy and was a disruptive force in the middle of the field, proving he was unafraid to make hard tackles against opponents, both to disrupt counter-attack chances and to dispossess the opponents of the ball. For most of the year, it seemed that defense and gaining possession of the ball would be his main contribution for the team, but about mid-season he began taking the occasional long-range shot. As the season wore on he became more of a threat in the scoring game, participating in a number of build-ups to shots, scoring twice, and registering two assists.

2016 Prediction: Barring a trade, I expect to see Darwin Ceren back with the Orlando City first team next season. He proved to be both an energetic and skilled contributor on the pitch, and his form significantly improved in terms of meshing with his teammates as the season progressed. I think that Ceren's ability and performance in 2015 have definitely earned him a spot on the roster for next season, as well as earning a lot of fans among Orlando City supporters.

What about you? What do you think Darwin Ceren's future with Orlando City will be? Do you expect to see him a regular part of the Starting XI again next season? Let me know in the comments below.