2015 in Review Day 23: David Mateos

Mateos was a mid-year acquisition, signed in July along with Swiss midfielder Adrian Winter. Mateos brought some much-needed maturity and experience to the young defensive line of Orlando City, and his presence in the clubhouse and on the training pitch may well have helped spark the late-season defensive improvement the club enjoyed.

David Mateos headshot (c) MLS.com; MLS.com retains all copyright to this image.
Games Played6Shots1
Games Started6Shots on Goal1
Minutes540Yellow Cards0
Assists1Red Cards0

2015 Summary: Mateos did not see the pitch many times during the season, but his energy and experience were definitely noticeable. I would have enjoyed seeing him get more chances to play during the season, but it just did not work out that way.

2016 Prediction: Mateos is a product of the Real Madrid youth academy, and as such he had the opportunity to play alongside Kaka in several matches when the Orlando City captain was with the same club. For this reason, as well as for the improvement in the team's defense after his arrival, I think we will see Mateos back with the team in 2016 unless some trade moves him to another MLS side.

What do you think? Do you believe Mateos will be back with Orlando City in 2016 or do you think he will play somewhere else next season? Let me know in the comments!