2015 in Review Day 30: Carlos Rivas

Blazing speed and blind ambition are two adjectives you could use to describe Carlos Rivas and his style of play in 2015 for Orlando City. He is an exciting and dynamic player to watch on the pitch, but that comes with a price.

Carlos Rivas headshot (c) MLS.com; MLS.com retains all copyright to this image.
Games Played27Shots63
Games Started13Shots on Goal16
Minutes1372Yellow Cards6
Assists4Red Cards0

2015 Summary: From the very first we were told that Colombian midfielder Carlos Rivas had blazing speed, and he proved that was no exaggeration. Rivas was among the players on the pitch, pushing the ball up the field toward the opposing goal, and very often getting caught out offsides because he outraced defenders when Orlando City would start organizing an attack. He was also daring, ambitious, or downright reckless in his shooting (depending on the situation, my reaction varied). He shot the ball over 60 times, but barely put it on target for one-fourth of the shots. And some of those misses came on wide-open nets where Rivas tried to bury the ball instead of tapping in to convert on a scoring opportunity.

2016 Prediction: I think Rivas is in the same category as Pedro Ribeiro. He's the kind of player I'd like to see back on the squad next year because of his exciting style of play, but I think he might be one of those players that another MLS club may want packaged in a trade deal if we are trying to ship out some of the less experienced players on the squad to build depth. If Rivas is back with Orlando City, then I would be happy to see him take a few less shots if he can show that he has developed some touch and is able to put more of his strikes on frame.

What about you? Do you want to see Rivas back on the squad next season, or do you think Orlando City would be better if he were traded away? Let me know in the comments!