Coming to The Lion's Teeth in 2016: Rocket League

If you're an online gaming fan, it's likely that by now you've heard of Rocket League. And if you're a fan of soccer, it's even more likely you know this game.

But just in case you've been living under a rock or disconnected from any kind of online presence, Rocket League is an online soccer game... well sort of. The game features a gigantic pitch and a 20-foot diameter exploding soccer ball that is knocked around the pitch by players in rocket-powered cars. If it sounds insane, it is: insane, fun, addictive, and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

But just a few months after its release, it's also becoming a pretty serious e-Sport. You can find streams of Rocket League all over and YouTube Gaming channels, and there are online tournaments popping up all the time. The game is one of those that hits the sweet spot of "easy to grasp, difficult to master." The game is available both for Windows (from publisher Psyonix and through Steam) and PS4, and the ability to enjoy cross-platform PvP and cooperative play modes is another factor that is helping grow the game's popularity.

Lion's Teeth League

One of the features I want to add to the blog in 2016 to make The Lion's Teeth feel more interactive for readers and members of the entire Orlando City community is to create an online league.