The Lion's Teeth: What would You Like to See in 2016?

Over the past few days I've looked back on 2015 and written about some of the things I'd like to do with the blog in 2016. But I'd also be curious to know what you, the readers, would like to see from the blog. I've had some ideas of new things I can do next year, but I think it would be arrogant of me to fail to ask the readers what they think might be interesting to see in the blog next year.

To prompt you on suggestions, what were some of your favorite pieces or features that I did in 2015? Maybe you'd like to see more of that. And what kinds of posts did you DISLIKE the most? Maybe I should do less of those.

And of course, I'd welcome any requests or suggestions of different kinds of things I could or should do--from layout of the blog to different types of content I should add. I've got some ideas for a different format of the blog. The main thing I wanted to avoid in 2015 was making the blog feel too "busy" with a lot of clutter around the main content. In opting for a minimalist design I may have made it appealing to some readers, but it could have felt boring for others. 

All of your feedback on changes I could make is useful, and any of it is welcome. I won't promise that I will have the time, resources, expertise, or desire to do everything that people may suggest, but I'll give due consideration to any suggestions and feedback I receive.

Thanks for following the blog in 2015, and I hope that for 2016 I'll be able to bring you even more content that you can enjoy!