Season Tickets Arrive - February 12

The FedEx Email

On Thursday, February 12, I received an email that my season tickets had been delivered. Since I had to be at work all day, I had redirected the package to the local FedEx store so I could pick it up at the end of the day. The rest of the afternoon crawled by way too slowly.

The Season Ticket Box

The season ticket box was embossed on the top cover with a subtle image of the OCSC logo, and on the bottom cover with the Society XXI motto "IN PRINCIPIO ERAMUS ILLIC" and the full club shield.

The Season Ticket Card

OCSC is going the way of many professional sports clubs and issuing a permanent card for season tickets for 2015 instead of printing paper or card stock tickets. The inside cover of the season ticket box includes more images from the club shield and references to the Society XXI logo and motto.

The Season Program

There is a season program with some great graphics and promoting the season schedule, ticket and fan relations liaisons, and previewing the new stadium that is being built for the club.

Window Sticker

There's also a Society XXI window sticker for the car, with a sunrise in the shape of the top of the OCSC lion head logo.

The Scarf

Lastly, but certainly not least there is a scarf. Every soccer club around the world has scarves for fans, and next week I'll post a bit of research I've done for other new fans like myself as part of a series I'm doing this year called "What is this all about?" There are a lot of things that just seem plain strange about the sport of soccer to fans who have grown up watching American sports.

This scarf is very special, however. Each scarf is personalized with the name of the recipient, and they are only being produced for those of us that are Society XXI members and season ticket holders for the inaugural season. That's a very cool extra.