Game Within The Match – MLS 2015

My buddy Trace Trylko from the UCF Knightline Podcast and I have season tickets for Orlando City Soccer this year, as we did for the 2014 campaign. But this year we are going to add a tradition he has maintained with friends for UCF basketball games during the past several seasons. He calls it the “game within the game” for basketball, but I'll brand it the "game within the match" for veteran fans of the beautiful game.

Before the kickoff of each match we will each select a player that is in the starting lineup and follow him throughout the contest. We'll award our player one point for each assist and three points for each goal. Given the relatively low score in most soccer matches, we're likely to end up with a lot of nil – nil draws during the season, but that's only because Trace offered to keep the stats if we keep the game simple. I was in favor of adding a point for staying in the match the full 90 minutes and deducting a point for getting booked, but Trace said it's too much work to track all that. Slacker.

At any rate the loser at season's end has to buy dinner for the winner. Needless to say, I already have my MLS fantasy lineup registered and ready to go so I can start tracking the performance of the players on our squad more closely.

I want to know if anyone else does a similar “game within the game” contest within your season ticket group. If so, what statistics do you track for each match and how do you award points to your chosen players?