What is this all about? More Soccer Terms

Last week I posted some terms that were new for the casual fan. A reader of the blog suggested several more terms that I should add, and I am grateful for the suggestions and will happily add them today. Many thanks to John Shorrock for his suggestions.

Goal differential - Net difference between goals scored and goals conceded. Primarily used as a tiebreaker.
Aggregate - Combined score of matches between two teams in a two-legged match. Primarily used in the knock-out stages of tournaments and playoffs.
Booking - Receiving a yellow/red card.
End line - Boundary line that runs from corner to corner, behind each goal.
Tackle - Winning the ball back from an opponent.
Nutmeg - When a player intentionally plays the ball between an opponent's legs, runs past the opponent, and collects their own pass. Sometimes also referenced as "megged" or "megging."
Marking - Guarding your opponent to prevent them from receiving a pass.

Do you have more suggestions for terminology related to the beautiful game that I should add to the blog? Leave the suggestions in the comments section or send me an email or tweet me to let me know. I'll give you credit for the suggestions in a future blog post.