March Birthday Roster - Squad Celebrations

We're a mere week from kicking off the season with our Orlando City lads. Hopefully the boys will shake off whatever hangover they were suffering from in Saturday's final match for the Carolina Challenge Cup tournament as they fell nil - 3 to Houston.

Several days ago I learned that Aurelian Collin will be celebrating a birthday on the same day we open the season against NYCFC, and this started me wondering when the other players celebrate birthdays. Today I'm launching a monthly post that will list the birthdates of the players celebrating during the month and a link to help you wish them Happy Birthday via twitter if you wish!

Birthdays in March - Orlando City Official Roster

t the moment I've been unable to find a twitter handle for Tony Cascio. If any readers know one, please contact me with the information so I can update the post for accuracy!

Since the season starts in March, that means we've missed some January and February birthdays already on the roster. In the interest of not leaving anyone out, I'll post the birthdays I have for January and February in case you want to send belated birthday wishes their way:

Birthdays in January - Orlando City Official Roster

Birthdays in February - Orlando City Official Roster

Look for the next post in this series near the beginning of April and each month throughout the season. There are some players who are not listed on the club's main roster right now, so I'll have to see if I can gain some contacts within the club to help me fill out the list I have and get it complete.