Would you like to write for the blog?

You are a fan of OCSC. I know you are because you followed the link to read this post. As a fan you have a unique experience of this team and a love for this club that is all yours and is different from every other fan.

So how would you like to have a chance to share your perspective with the Internet? It may happen. And here's how.

The Lion's Teeth is a new blog with big aspirations. We want to capture as many perspectives and experiences of as many fans of Orlando City SC as we can throughout the 2015 season. And to do that, we'd love for you to write a post for the blog talking about your love for Orlando City.

How to Submit

Write a post for the blog. You can write about one of many things: Tell us about a time you met your favorite player at an event. Tell us about a great watch party or tailgate party you attended. Tell us about the excitement of attending a match through your eyes. Tell us about what being an Orlando City SC fan means to you. Or use your vast knowledge of strategy and tactics of the game of soccer to tell newer fans how they can better understand all the buildup that happens before someone takes a shot on goal. Or you could tell us something completely different, as long as it relates to your experience as a fan of OCSC. The main thing is we want you to share your perspective as a fan.

After you write your post, email it to us at lionsteethblog@gmail.com. We'll read it and let you know if we want to use it on the blog. If we do, we'll publish it within a few days and give you a byline author credit and link to a social media or professional profile of yours. That way you can use the published post for a CV or your portfolio of published work should you be a student or someone that aspires to some day get a job as a paid writer.

I started this blog as a fan, and I want to use it to let other fans also share their love of this club with the world. I'd like to build up a more diverse set of voices, perspectives, opinions, and levels of expertise when it comes to knowledge of the game. Through building a stronger roster of different voices, I hope we can together make The Lion's Teeth blog something special--a gift we give back to the club that gives us so much joy as fans!