MLS Live - A Crash Course in Learning the League

I've indicated in the past that aside from our beloved Orlando City squad, I've not followed much soccer outside the World Cup competitions that come around every four years. This includes not watching much MLS, much less any of the international leagues.

That was until 2015. After the college football season ended last year for my team, I began tuning my TV to those channels deep in the sports package that show a lot of international soccer leagues: channels like Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, beIN Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, and some of the others. And now that the MLS season has begun in earnest, I've subscribed to the MLS Live package so I can watch all the matches throughout the season. Part of it is a desire to scout the competition ahead of OCSC matches and get more familiar with the team that look stronger and weaker on the season, but another part of it is because I'm playing MLS fantasy soccer this year and want to learn more about the players that are potentially available to add to my squad!

There's only one thing missing from the package, and that is not having someone like Ray Hudson doing color commentary for every match. I know that style of very colorful commentary is not a hit with everyone, but I really like the creative and descriptive verbal gymnastics that announcers like Hudson add to the sport. Of course, as a fan I'm superbly pleased I'm able to count @RayHudson as one of the followers of the blog on twitter.

Hopefully the investment in the season package will pay off and help me bring more insights, intelligence, and useful information to other fans in the posts of the blog. Anything to help the team! Go City!