Come Out to Coach Heath's Radio Show

Last week I attended Coach Heath's Radio show at the Harry Buffalo on Church Street in downtown Orlando. 

Tom Traxxler of United World Soccer hosts the show on site with other co-hosts and guests as well as Coach Adrian Heath from Orlando City SC. The show is taped from 8pm - 9pm and is within easy walking distance of the Church Street SunRail stop. And now that SunRail is running extended hours, the train is a perfect way to get to the taping of the show and back home without having to deal with I-4 traffic or downtown parking. From the Altamonte Springs SunRail station, a round trip ticket is $5.50, which beats the cost of parking downtown and by far beats the hassle of I-4 traffic driving into town or coming back from downtown.

You'll see me with my official matchday jersey, my purple Adidas sneakers, my purple-accented top hat, and my Society XXI scarf. Come to think of it, that's really not much of a help identifying me because all the people who come out for the taping of the show get a little bit into the whole purple thing. At any rate, come over and say hi if you make it out to the show and perhaps we'll have a pint!