Tailgate Review: March 21 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC

After the second tailgate of this young season, I can definitely say our group is getting good marks for consistency and creativity. Come out to Lot A before any weekend home match and join us if you wish!

Images from this week's tailgate were all taken by yours truly, and can be found on the images page of the site. 

As always, we do a tailgate based around the theme of "Grill the Competition." Since this week's opponent was the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, we wanted something that would represent Vancouver, Canada. Since it was my idea, I get tasked with researching the cuisine. When I looked into Vancouver the only thing that I could come up with for a main dish was seafood and the fact that there is a large Asian population living in the city. So for our main dish we decided to go with salmon, which we procured from Lighthouse Seafood in Lake Mary. To capture the Asian inspiration, I decided on a ginger-teriyaki glaze for the salmon, and I also made some stir-fry veggies and rice, which I cooked up with a little sesame oil and soy sauce, and then I tossed in a small carton of cut white mushrooms just to add a little texture.

Now if you want to know how I did stir fry veggies on a grill, the answer is I didn't. I cooked the rice and veggies the night before and put them in little foil packets that I formed with the help of a paper bowl for a mold at home. After cooking up the rice and veggies separately, I dumped two large serving spoons of rice and one heaping serving spoon of veggies into the foil, sprinkled on some toasted sesame seeds and soy sauce, and twisted them up and set them in the fridge. Then I just brought these to the tailgate and after we cooked the meat I threw the little foil packets on the grill to heat for a few minutes. 

From the images page above you can see pictures of our food and a little bit about the recipes we used. In addition to the main course, our tailgate buddy Chris brought a huge stuffed mushroom (stuffed with crab meat and cheese and topped with butter), and our friend Scott and his girlfriend, who both came to tailgate with us. They made Nanaimo Bars for dessert. Nanaimo Bars are a dessert that is common and popular all across British Colombia, and is named after a small town in that region. See the link above for a recipe, and you can see images on the images link above. Our buddy Trace also brought some Canadian-themed donuts he purchased from Donuts to Go in Sanford. They have a maple-bacon donut that is topped with maple sugar and bacon bits. Trust me, I made that face too when I heard about it, but when someone offered to split one with me I tried it and I am very glad I did. Excellent!

Finally, we have to thank our friends at the Hour Glass Brewery in Longwood. They are not a sponsor of the blog (yet... hint, hint guys), but they brew many great local beers that always go down well with our tailgate group. This week we had a growler of their Brown. Good stuff.

The next home match will be a Friday night, which means we will be coming from work and won't be doing a full-on tailgate. We have an idea to keep the theme going since we are playing D.C. United, but we need to flesh it out first before we are ready to announce anything official. In any case, if you want to join one of our future tailgates, just let us know ahead of time and we'll tell you the theme so you can bring something. We will always be preparing food for our core group, so if you want to eat some of the same we'll ask you to bring the ingredients that we can cook up on the grill for you the day of the tailgate.