April 3 vs. DC United - Modified Tailgate Plan

So we have been getting a lot of good responses to our posts on the tailgate parties we have been doing, especially the fact that we have chosen to do themed tailgates this season. This week's match is on a Friday, however, so it means that we're going to have a truncated window for pregame tailgating.

We're still going to stick to the theme, however, and the opportunity will be there for anyone that wants to come join us in Lot A for a modified tailgate. This time, however, we won't be cooking, so be sure to bring something to eat and we'll try to have a few extra beverages available.

This week's visiting opponent is D.C. United. And what do you think of when you think of Washington, D.C.? Pork, of course! It's the biggest pork capital of the world--never mind the fact that it's political pork--it's still pork and that's a good enough theme for a tailgate for us!

Since we don't have time to break out the grill and do some slow-cooked barbecue, we're going to ask our friends at 4 Rivers Smokehouse to do the cooking for us. Yes, we're picking up pulled pork dinners for our tailgate this week! For our Jewish and Islamic friends that may want to come join us for the tailgate, 4 Rivers does also have Chicken and Beef barbecue, so if you want to give them a try you can pick up something that doesn't go against the traditions of your faith.

Dessert will be an all-American affair in red, white, and blue. For the red we'll have fresh-cut strawberries. For the blue we'll have ripe, fresh blueberries. And for the white--we'll have whipped cream in a can. For beverages once again we'll have a selection of water, Gatorade, and local craft brews from our friends at the Hour Glass Brewery in Longwood. 

The itinerary for now has us rolling into our Lot A tailgate spot around 5 pm depending on traffic. We take side streets and back roads to avoid I-4 traffic as a general rule, but it's never possible to tell what the traffic will be like until you actually get on the road.

Come on out and join us if you wish. We should be pretty easy to spot between the top hat with purple accents, the Society XXI scarf, and the purple Adidas sneakers.

So what are you doing for your tailgate this week? Has our blog inspired you to do your own take on "grill the competition" each week or do you have your own long-held tailgate traditions? It would be great to share those with other fans on the blog. Contact us and let us know you'd like to write a guest post and we'd love to run your story!