Back from Vacation

So I've been on vacation the last couple weeks and I thought I could keep up with the blog but it turns out that catching up with family you haven't seen in 20+ years and sightseeing in the Nation's Capital and Revolutionary/Civil War battlefields takes a lot more time than just going to work every day.

So  my apologies to anyone that wondered if the blog had gone away. It didn't--but it just means I have to look for more volunteers to help me run the thing so when I'm on vacation the content keeps flowing.

Later today I have another guest columnist coming up. Derek (@Rays1299) will be letting us all know why there's no reason to panic yet as Lions fans. I watched that Columbus game last weekend and was as frustrated as any fan could be with the sloppy play and the emotional outburst that got Ramos sent off the pitch early. I understand the emotion and I empathize with players wearing their hearts on their sleeve, but sometimes playing for points means you have to find a way of channeling that emotion in a more positive way.

Tonight we get a chance for redemption against Toronto. The Toronto club are being true road warriors to start the season as their stadium is undergoing some work, and they have yet to play a home match (their first match at BMO Field won't be until May 10). Toronto comes into the match with only 3 points (earned in their opening match of the season), and they have lost four in a row. They will be hungry for victory, but this is a very winnable match, and Orlando City fans are even more hungry to see a home victory tonight.

Speaking of hungry, let's mention tailgating. One of my group is trying his hand at "poutine" for this match. It's some Canadian dish that is essentially french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. To balance and accompany that we're looking at adding some burgers on the grill. So it's a more basic tailgate this week. But maybe going back to basics is what we and our club need to do to find a win and three points tonight!

#VamosOrlando #GoCity #TrounceToronto