Fantasy Flame-out?

Well all, vacation has taken a toll on my fantasy MLS squad. Last weekend I had a paltry 21 points on the board, largely due to poor performance by our Orlando City squad. Ramos was in my starting XI and his red card sending off didn't help me much. Also, the rest of the team played their worst match of the season to date against Columbus, and it resulted in a very poor showing.

And with spotty Internet and limited time last week, I only just barely had time to swap out players on Friday afternoon before the weekend's round began to make sure I wasn't playing anyone that is injured or suspended for misconduct this week. So far that's not working out very well. I was really hurt in goal as Bill Hamid of DC United didn't even play, even though the MLS fantasy site didn't list him as injured. After his match against us a few weeks back I would have thought every manager on the planet would want to put that guy in goal every game unless one of his hands or feet were falling off.

As of this writing, all I can hope is that our beloved Orlando City squad has an amazing match tonight and all the guys I'm playing come up with big scores. Hopefully they get me back on track!