Points Trending Low

I'm still a relatively new soccer fan, but in listening to Coach Heath's weekly radio show, I've picked up that in terms of points, 2 points a match is a good number to shoot for when seeking a spot in the playoffs.

After seven matches (going into Sunday's home tilt against Toronto FC), Orlando City was sitting on 8 points in 7 matches, or a rate of 1.14 points-per-match. Hopefully the team will take advantage of a struggling Toronto club to get the full three points and start pushing the trend back up toward the two points-per-match average. Even if we lose the home match, we would still retain sixth place and a spot in the playoffs for now, since both Philadelphia and DC United have already played their matches for the weekend and are stuck on 6 points each.

Even if we do win, we'd be sitting on 11 points for 8 matches, and it will take a streak of 6 wins in a row to get to 26 points for 13 matches and get us back to the pace we need to be confident of making the post season. Every match we lose and drop all three points adds at least two more wins to that ratio, and with about 20% of the season gone, we need to start thinking of how we're going to reach the post season and keep the streak we carried over from the USL Pro days into the MLS era. Recent history has not been kind to expansion sides in MLS, but there's no reason we should feel constrained by history. We are Orlando City! We're used to winning! Let's get back on the winning track! #VamosOrlando