Getting "Fan Fit" with the Lions

So the 2015 has seen Orlando City get a slow start on the pitch with respect to building up points, and part of that has been a number of the lads recovering from injuries or surgeries in the off-season. Now Pedro Ribeiro has been injured and could be out as long as three months with a hamstring.

Well I don't have the skills to help the lads on the pitch, but I can do my part to get in better fan fitness to do my job of yelling louder and screaming louder in the stands. After all, if I had been at full fitness, my screams and shouts would have rattled DC United's Bill Hamid so badly he would have been uddled in a fetal position in his goal the entire first half last week.

So I'm taking a challenge to get "fan fit," and I'm inviting the rest of the fan base to join me. This morning I began a 180-day (3 cycles of 60 days) fitness challenge called the Hero's Journey, developed by fitness guru Neila Rey over at her site 

Today I went to the gym and began Day 1, Level 1. After warming up with that I added 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine. At the end of six months my target is to get to my ideal weight of 175 pounds, which means shedding 41 pounds from where I started today at 216 on the scale at the end of my workout.

Challenge Rules

The Rules of the challenge that I'm setting for myself and proposing for any other motivated fans are simple. Do the 60-day challenge through three times, starting with Level 1 each day through the first round, then  going through the second time at Level 2, and finally going through the third time at Level 3. The good thing about these workouts is that you need no equipment and no gym membership since they all rely on using body weight resistance and improving your flexibility and overall fitness.

I hope some readers will either take up the challenge or at least keep me accountable by demanding a daily update. And if anyone actually wants to meet up to do the daily challenge together, send me an email and we'll try to synchronize schedules.

What Can I Win?

You want me to turn this into a contest? If you need a prize to motivate you to get your lazy butt out of bed and exercise, then you don't deserve the right to be a fan! That's what you get you jackwagon! No, really--you want a prize? Well try this on for size: your spouse/partner will like the way you look a lot more; you'll feel more energetic and better each day; your co-workers, your students, your teachers, or your employees will all give you compliments on your fitness level. And on top of that you'll feel better about yourself and live longer. If that's not enough motivation for you, then there's no prize I could offer that would motivate you.

So come on and join the fun! If we can all get "fan fit" in the stands, we'll be better able to do our part to help the lads on the pitch bring home a championship! And that would be the best prize any of us could hope for!