ICYMI: Best Owners in MLS

For a week now the soccer world has been reeling and the future of several very high profile individuals and tournaments has been in doubt with the corruption arrests and resignations at the top end of FIFA.

Meanwhile, in Orlando there has been a party celebrating the top end of the Orlando City SC organization: the owners and leadership of the club. Last Friday in a news conference, the owners announced they were both expanding the new soccer specific stadium from 19,500 seats to between 25,000 - 28,000 and that they were building it with private money instead of using any taxpayer dollars.

Throughout the week, they also announced upgraded amenities at the new stadium, including world-class WiFi and mobile coverage to enhance the fans' matchday experience. 

In case you missed the announcements from the club and the news coverage that their announcement has received over the last few days, here are a "Starting XI" representative sample of the kind of press our club is receiving in the wake of the announcement.

It's rare to see a story where fans, politicians, business owners, and third party observers all agree on so much that is good! It's far more common to find stories that everyone can agree they dislike. Living in Orlando this past week really has felt like being in the one place in the soccer world that has remained unblemished by the idiots that have been running FIFA for the last few decades.

It's yet another reason why the more I learn about this team and the people in positions of leadership, the more I think we have the best owners in all of MLS. Vamos Orlando!