Grill the Competition: Colorado Rapids Edition

On Wednesday, June 24, Orlando City will welcome Colorado into the Citrus Bowl for the only meeting between the two sides in MLS Regular Season competition for 2015. As you may know, our "grill the competition" tailgates have become the talk of Lot A season parking pass holders at the Citrus Bowl, and we don't think this week's menu is going to disappoint.

Main Course

The main course for Wednesday's tailgate will be bison! Bison were once so plentiful across the Great Plains that Native American legends tell of being able to stride from the Appalachians to the Rockies on their backs without your feet ever touching the ground. Then hunting nearly drove them to extinction. But in the 20th century commercial bison ranching have restored populations enough that bison meat is now readily available at meat markets and some supermarkets.

We will be getting ground bison for burgers, and we'll also be looking for some bison bratwursts because we have rolls left over from the last tailgate. We'll have more information about where we procure the bison later, though we've sourced it to a couple of local outlets here in town. 

To go with the burgers and brats we'll be adding some herbs and spices and plenty of fresh condiments from deli mustard to 'maters and onions. What we know for sure is that it will be pretty good.


What? No Veggies? This time, no. It's a weeknight and getting the veggies just right always takes a little more preparation time than you expect, so we're streamlining the menu for Wednesday's match.

Our dessert will be "Rocky Mountain" brownies. Note that even though we are paying homage to Colorado's favorite sweet treat, our brownies will be in 100% compliance with Florida state laws. We realize that for some this may be a "buzz" kill, but until Florida and federal law moves into the 21st century, we'll have to deal with the restrictions that are on the books.


As always, we'll be sourcing our beverages from the Hourglass Brewery in Longwood and Orlando Brewing off of Orange Avenue. In addition we'll have plenty of bottled water and Gatorade so we won't be dehydrated during the match and can keep up our screaming and yelling.

So if you're in Lot A on Wednesday, bring some stuff to throw on the grill and come hang out with us as we get ready for the big match. Vamos Orlando!