Coming Soon...

Happy Holidays, everyone! We've been on holiday break, but with the new year and the balance of the off-season right around the corner, there are a few things we will be doing between now and the time that the 2017 season for our three clubs kicks off.

  • Referee Interview - we have an interview "in the can" with an MLS Referee. I am grateful for his time and willingness to respond to questions about the art and science of being a referee in the MLS. There's also a bit of a human interest story with this one as well. It should be interesting for leaders to learn about watching a game from the view of an official and learning one reason why he actually appreciates the Orlando City fan base...
  • Offseason Roster Moves - Between the expansion draft and the MLS Super Draft as well as trades and other transactions, there will be new faces and missing faces from the 2017 rosters for the MLS, USL, and NWSL sides. We'll be talking more about those changes in the weeks ahead before the season cranks up.
  • Stadium Tour - We're working on getting a tour of the new stadium and we will try to get some interviews with some of the people who actually worked on building our new "home away from home" for the 2017 season (especially for those of us with season tickets to multiple teams).
  • Fantasy Soccer Report - For the last two years I've been playing fantasy MLS soccer to varying levels of success. Next season I'll be tracking my weekly lineup changes on the blog, and it will probably be a good lesson in what NOT to do to reach your fantasy finals.
  • More Social Media Partnerships - In 2015 I started the Lion's Teeth Soccer Blog as a hobby. In 2016 that hobby allowed me to start getting some collaborations with some other voices in local soccer social media. I'm hoping to be able to expand that next year and get some more perspectives on the game we all love and the players that wear our favorite colors on the pitch.

Happy New Year everyone. Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve, and we look forward to talking soccer with more of you in 2017!