"10 - 3 Good Buddy!"

Fans of a certain age will remember CB radios that were popular as mobile voice chat devices in the days before smart phones and WiFi. Popular among long-haul truck drivers and other road warriors in the 1970s through the 1990s, a popular phrase to hear over those radios was "10-4 good buddy," to acknowledge receiving and understanding a message.

Well, last night on the pitch at the Citrus Bowl, we saw a lot of 10 - 3 action producing results on set pieces. Namely number 10 Kaka feeding the ball into number 3 Seb Hines, who then buried it in the net off his head for a goal. Orlando City beat visiting Esporte Clube Bahia from Brazil by the count of 6 - 1, and four of the home team's goals came off of set pieces with the Kaka to Hines scoring statistic. The other two goals were solo efforts: one from Darwin Ceren and the other from Pedro Ribeiro.

And even though last night's result was what Alexi Lalas would call a "set piece orgy" of scoring, the match did show some reason for concern at the position of goalkeeper. The only goal scored by the visitors came in the first minute of the match, and it was a fairly slow-rolling ball that Orlando City's new keeper, Joe Bendik, allowed to dribble through his legs and into the net. Seriously--it looked like the ghost of Bill Buckner all over again. Let's just hope that Bendik doesn't make a habit of this, or Orlando City could be in for a long season against MLS competition.

As with the last Brazilian friendly in 2015, there was a small but passionate fan base who traveled to Orlando for the match to support their club. Some of my friends and I spent the last hour or so of the tailgate talking with them and enjoying the opportunity to share the passion we all feel for "the beautiful game."

I don't think that we saw the visiting club's best players and they rolled in and rolled out a lot of substitutions during the match, which I took to mean that the coach was just trying to give everyone a chance to play a few minutes and possibly to evaluate what his team was like in off-season form--if memory serves correctly, Brazil's domestic soccer season doesn't begin in earnest until May or June, so this game would be like Inchy grabbing the lads together for a mid-December or early January match when they are all just getting settled in to their off-season routines.

It was good to see Orlando City score so many times from set pieces: that was a real problem in 2015 and it was a puzzle the club never quite got solved last year. If we have found a reliable combination of scoring in Kaka to Seb Hines, that will certainly strengthen that aspect of our play and should give us a few more results during the season.

I'll put up a few photos from the match later. Right now I'm just getting ready to dash off to Sylvan Lake Park for the OCB/OCSC match against UCF's men's soccer team. The match is at 11:00 am this morning and it looks like today is going to be even more beautiful than yesterday in terms of weather. So if you're not doing anything, get your arse out of bed and get over to Sylvan Lake to cheer on the lads and have a look at the local college team.