Midweek Video Update

Alright I'm trying something new... On Tuesday night I recorded a short midweek video update and posted it to YouTube. Tonight I fiddled around with some basic video editing software on my computer and added a soundtrack and a title card to it at the beginning.

It's a short six-minute video with my thoughts on the Copa America and some news about the next Crown watch party for the Orlando Pride match on Saturday night. Let me know if you like it. I'll probably do more whether you like them or not, just to give me some more practice with the software. But if you give me some requests or ideas, perhaps I can create something a bit more appealing than me sitting in front of a camera running my yap!

And yes, eagle eye, the video is backward. Turns out when I exported off the phone the video was upside down in my editor, so I had to flip it and the basic software won't let you flip it back horizontally to make it right way around. So I'll try to record better next time!