OCSC vs. DCU: Previews and Predictions

It's another Wednesday and another midweek match for Orlando City. But this time the team will play at home, which is a change from the last few midweek matches. They are also playing a team that is near the bottom of the table in the East, which is another change from the last few midweek opponents. Hopefully the change in venue and playing a struggling opponent will help them turn around their current form of struggle and futility.

Players to Watch

For Orlando City, we might as well watch the whole damn squad and see if someone can pull the offense out of this funk it's fallen into over the last month. At the end of April the team was sitting atop the Eastern Conference, and now they are mired in 4th place and trying desperately with every game to avoid falling out of the playoff race. The defense has also gone cold, failing to keep a clean sheet in the last six matches, which have been four losses and two draws. 

For the visitors Luciano Acosta (3 goals) and Sebastien Le Toux (2 goals) are the only players with multiple goals on the season. It's not to say that someone else can't step up and be a hero for the visitors on the night, but those are the two danger men that Orlando City's defense need to shut down.


This game is critical for Orlando City, and no so much out of hope but out of desperation I am going to predict a victory for the home team 1 - 0. It's been a tough month and the team doesn't seem to be able to finish consistently, but I think that The Wall and the friendly confines of Orlando City Stadium will be a tonic that will help them break through to victory again.

What are you thinking--do you believe that Orlando City can find victory again or will the month that may forever be known among Orlando City fans as the "May Massacre" end with the same kind of futility it began with another loss? Let me know in the comments below!